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L'uisine Sunspel
Long Eaton England (EST. 1937)

Cela fait maintenant plus de 160 ans que Sunspel crée des vêtements de luxe et les fabrique en Angleterre en sélectionnant soigneusement les meilleurs partenaires du monde entier pour les confectionner.

Nous sommes intransigeants sur la qualité. Cela signifie que nous recherchons les meilleurs agriculteurs, tricoteurs, tisseurs et producteurs, où qu'ils se trouvent dans le monde. Parce que nous possédons notre propre usine et que nous savons comment fabriquer des vêtements, nous savons faire la différence entre une usine qui fait des économies et une autre qui se concentre sur la qualité. Nous ne sélectionnons que des partenaires dont nous savons qu'ils ont la bonne attitude et les bonnes compétences, garantissant qu'ils confectionnent des vêtements du même niveau que celui obtenu dans notre propre usine.

Nous sommes également intransigeants sur nos valeurs. Nous insistons pour que tous les fournisseurs partagent notre respect des personnes et notre engagement envers les normes éthiques et environnementales les plus élevées.

Nos spécialistes en confection de vêtements

Our Specialist Garment Makers

Making our Polo Shirts and Sweatshirts

Barcelos, Portugal (EST. 2010)

Sunspel’s polo shirts, sweat tops and cotton knits are designed in England and made by a family-owned specialist jersey factory in Barcelos, Portugal. Like all our partner factories they are committed to an ethos of craftsmanship and painstaking attention to detail.

Our Specialist Garment Makers

Making our Cashmere sweaters

Hawick , Scotland (EST. 1847)

Scotland is internationally renowned for producing the finest knitwear in the world. Our cashmere manufacturers still use their original knitting machines from the early 1920s (no other machine is able to replicate the quality of the knit) and they hand-finish each Sunspel garment using techniques passed down from generation to generation, resulting in garments that feel luxuriously soft and will
last for many years.

Making our Boxer Shorts

Santo Tirso, Portugal (EST.1996)

The British Boxer Short was invented by Sunspel’s owner John Hill in 1947. Today we work with a specialist, family-owned manufacturer in Santo Tirso, Portugal, to make the classic Boxer Short to a design essentially the same as Hill’s original specification.

Making our Socks

Derby, England (EST.1928)

Sunspel’s range of socks is manufactured by one of the oldest hosiers in the UK – a family-run business renowned for using the finest natural fibres for luxurious quality, durability and supreme comfort.

Making our Jersey Underwear

Barcelos, Portugal (EST. 1973)

Sunspel has been making luxurious cotton underwear since the 19th century. The family-owned manufacturer we work with now in Barcelos has a similar structure to the very first Sunspel factory in Nottingham’s lace district. It is a fully vertical factory, meaning both the kitting and garment manufacture is under the same roof – making it a perfect partner for our entire jersey underwear range.

Making our Footwear

Santo Tirso, PORTUGAL (EST.1997)

Sunspel’s tennis shoes are produced by an independent factory based on the hills of Santo Tirso. They have built a worldwide reputation for exceptional quality and innovation in shoe making. Everything is handmade, so expert care and craft goes into producing the best quality, most comfortable sneakers.

Making our Leather Boots and Shoes (2021)

Northampton, England (EST. 1829)

Our footwear is supplied by the longest-established shoemaker in England – still situated in Northampton and owned by the fifth generation of the same family. 
Every single pair of boots or shoes is the result of 260 individual processes, each 
of them are carried out by experienced master shoemakers – resulting in footwear that will last a lifetime.

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Making our Socks

Derby, England (EST. 1928)

Sunspel’s range of socks is manufactured by one of the oldest hosiers in the UK – a family-run business renowned for using the finest natural fibres for luxurious quality, durability and supreme comfort.

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Making our Belts and Leather Accessories

Rutland, England (EST. 1946)

Sunspel’s belts and leather accessories are made to last by a specialist business founded in 1946 that is still family owned. The company sources the finest quality leathers and employs traditional crafting skills passed down the generations.


Making our Fragrances

Grasse, France (EST. 1850)

Sunspel’s fragrances are made in Grasse, which has had a perfume industry since the late 1700s. We work with a French family business in Grasse that has been at the forefront of its industry for 170 years, and is the world leader in sustainable, natural ingredients for fragrances and candles.


Making our Japanese paper hats

Tokyo, Japan (EST. 2013)

Our Japanese paper hats are handmade by a specialist milliner who uses traditional artisanal techniques that cannot be replicated with mass production.